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Overcoming Changes

Overcoming Changes

As of a few weeks ago, us athletes found out that a few things are changing in Canadian Track and Field. Let me lay down the facts.  The track and field organization of Canada, called Athletics Canada, has totally revamped its strategy, and many athletes who train in Calgary, Ottawa and Kamloops are feeling the effects in some serious ways. Read the rest of this entry


Playing with Favouritism

Playing with Favouritism

If anything as people would say, “grinds my gears” or “sends me through the roof”, it would be favouritism. Have you ever witnessed a coach who blatantly treats someone differently and gives him or her special treatment?

My definition of favouritism in sports is a coach who constantly compares you to their favourite individual; and gives the favourite more attention. To me, I think of it like the coach has a tiny crush on the athlete. It’s so annoying to hear their favourites’ name slither off the tongue every two seconds, while your there working extra hard just to get half the attention the favourite gets. It may sound like jealousy, but frankly, when you know you deserve at least some attention and aren’t receiving any is unfair. This is because the coach’s buggy eyes are only laid upon the favourite. Read the rest of this entry

Injustice on the Track


In the world of track and field, there are of course losers and one winner per race. With that being said, there are some athletes who want to win so badly that they are willing to take steroids or other performance enhancing drugs. This is why in International and National meets, the World Anti-Doping Agency (WADA) tests the winner and a random selected athlete; to catch cheaters and keep the fairness of the sport alive. Now if caught, depending on the extremeness of the performance enhancing drug or substance, the punishment varies. But what happens if a banned substance was given to the athlete without the athlete realizing? Where is the justice then? Read the rest of this entry

Pain brings Success


The crowd of 10 thousand people immediately goes wild within the big stadium, waving their Jamaican flag, chanting and cheering as Bolt performs his famous pose.

Usain Bolt among many others has become the face of track and field. People all over the world are anxious, to watch the incredible Bolt cross the finish line in under 10 seconds for 100 meters.

pose Read the rest of this entry

Sharp Pain

As a child, my mother always told me not to stare at people who looked or lived different from myself; and not to judge people before you know their story. It’s easy to say that we don’t judge others but in reality we do; however, we don’t mean to because since we are unaware of their situation, we assume instead. This is a story that my mother shared with me about one of her old friends, to teach me the importance of judging others. To this day, I still remember this story because it shows you that there’s a possibility that something good can be hidden inside a bad situation.

A young girl enters in the only decent store that has not been overtaken by the gangs in her neighbourhood. Her black baseball cap shadows her slim face as she slowly pushes the door open. She walks slowly towards the back of the empty store. Her eyes glance upon the box of needles that she so desperately needs. Her body trembles while her hand slowly picks up the box, trying not to make a single sound. She did her normal routine; each time more successful than the first. She slips the box of needles inside her backpack and replaces the missing box with an empty one that she brought to the store. The clerk’s squinty eyes stare at her closely. “Hey you, kid. Come here.” He exclaims. Read the rest of this entry

Wise Mistakes

Everyone makes mistakes at some point in their life. Sometimes it’s small and fixable, and other times it’s not. Mistakes change your life; it’s a lesson that if fixed or dealt positively, you will grow as a person. I like to call them wise mistakes because it represents a slingshot. You have to pull it backwards before it will launch forward.

This is a story that touched my heart and made me think differently about judging people and their situations. It taught me to look at things from a different perspective; and sometimes, bad things happen for a good reason. This story is about my sister’s best friend named Chian Perkins and her life-changing experience.


“I was really stupid Khamica. January 4th, 2012 changed my life,” said Chian Perkins. Read the rest of this entry

Analysis of Jodelle’s “UR in Luck”

Jodelle’s blog portrays a small portion of her personal life: being in a relationship with a guy named Rasheed who suffers from Ulcerative Colitis. Jodelle’s writing technique enhances the blog through effective sentence structures that trigger the reader to feel many emotions. Read the rest of this entry