A peek in my life

About my Blog/Niche: 

Throughout my blog, I plan to write and critique stories found on the internet, revealing to the reader that there’s often a hidden side to a story that usually gets forgotten. In other words, there’s always two sides to one story; most of the time, the reader reads a story and quickly grasps the obvious value of the story but fails to tap into the unnoticed moral. That is where my blog comes in, to shine the light on the unnoticed moral of the story. Additionally, because I’m a part-time student and full time athlete, I often find interest to write about track and field athletes as well as stories filled with misdirection in order to hook the reader throughout the story.

A little snip about me:

14th IAAF World Championships in Moscow (2013)

Every week, for 5 days a week, for 4 hours a day I run until my feet get sore and my legs give out from lactic acid and extreme tiredness.  Yes, for majority of my time I’m sweating, crying and aching  for several hours a day for many years for races that only lasts seconds. The past summer I competed in the IAAF World Championships held in Moscow for the Canadian Team in the women’s 4x 100m relay; (Yes, I met Usain Bolt!) and amazingly four women including myself made history. We broke the Canadian record with 42.99 seconds and was the first female relay team to finish 6th in the world.  Because I’m terrible at running long distance, I chose to do the individual 100m and 200m, and gratefully I am ranked number 1 in Canada for both events for my age group.  Apart from sports, I’m a second year student studying to be a Sports Journalist. Writing and re-telling  stories is my passion because the creative side of my writing tends to come out more.




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