Analysis of Jodelle’s “UR in Luck”

Jodelle’s blog portrays a small portion of her personal life: being in a relationship with a guy named Rasheed who suffers from Ulcerative Colitis. Jodelle’s writing technique enhances the blog through effective sentence structures that trigger the reader to feel many emotions. As a closing statement she writes, “No, I don’t have hero-complex. No, this is not pity.” Jodelle uses short sentences to state a direct message; that the story isn’t an overwhelming sad love story but is solemnly based on overcoming obstacles in their relationship together. Jodelle also uses repetition of one word to portray her feelings towards Rasheed. She exclaims, “…He made me laugh with his stupid funny comments. He had long, stupid dark eyelashes that outlined his stupid brown almond-shaped eyes, and he always wore a stupid green toque.” Repetition of the word ‘stupid’ creates a comedic but romantic aspect in the story; however, for criticism, I feel that the amount of repetition was purposeless. On another positive note, Jodelle uses powerful and creative verbs that create imagery. For example: “he fished out the car keys from his pocket,” and “His face steeled, his eyebrows, and his smile left.” The verbs she used provide a clear picture for the reader indicating Rasheed’s actions in that given moment. Lastly, Jodelle’s blog is a successful piece because she separates a sentence from the paragraph, creating a ‘heading’. For instance the sentences, “My boyfriend has Ulcerative Colitis” and “It’s okay,” are bolded, separated and in a larger font in order to strike the reader’s mind and improve the readability. Jodelle’s writing style doesn’t force the reader to feel sympathy for her or Rasheed; she captivates the reader through qualitative sentences showing the power of acceptance and love.


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